Pot of Gold Dank Vapes

Pot of Gold dank vapes is a 90% Indica whose legacy incorporates the notable landrace strain that hails from Afghanistan. This is comes with the name the Hindu Kush. Creating a ground-breaking however run of the mill Indica high that can incorporate apathy and happiness. This strain conveys the standard negative symptoms. An incredible strain for overseeing interminable agony. Pot of Gold dank vapes was picked as one of two from a sum of in excess of 500 distinctive trial strains. Structured by the Flying Dutchmen Seeds the pot of gold strain was picked for its shimmering buds, little stature and rather huge yields. The unadulterated Indica Hindu Kush mother and the Skunk #1 father landed in Holland in 1985 from California.

Requiring somewhere in the range of eight and ten weeks to complete the process of blooming. Pot of Gold strain can be developed outside yet it’s three-foot stature makes it ideal for indoor setup. This strain wants to be developed naturally in soil. Conveying a normal of 15% THC the strain can deliver as much as 150 grams for each plant. The strain’s resinous buds and socially perky high make it a strain perfect for hashish. Pot of Gold strain was delegated the winner of the 1998 High Times Cup by the big-name made a decision for its potency and has kept on winning different honors since. Clients ought to be careful as the sofa lock of this strain may totally overpower a few clients for more than two hours.


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