Dank Vape Hardcore OG

Dank vape Hardcore OG, an intense indica vape cartridge known to have an awesome taste and fragrance of herbal honeyed tea that is deliciously spicy. when the hardcore OG strain is ready for harvest, its buds uncovered a blend of neon and dim green leaves shrouded in smooth trichomes, are molded like small pebbles and have golden pistils. The parent strains of this dank vapes are the indica Big Bud and indica DJ Short Blueberry.

Hardcore OG Dank vapes THC level

The THC level of Hardcore OG dank vapes is midpoints between 24%-28%. Making this strain highly potent and not for the faint of heart nor novice consumers. Its high has been portrayed to be hard-hitting and quick, invigorating cerebral movement while boosting mind-set. Following a few minutes, the body buzz will at that point produce results, steadying the shopper with produces a lounge chair lock and pushes inspiration aside. Along these lines, Hardcore OG strain is best expended in the late nighttimes and around evening time. Likewise, expect the munchies after using this strain!

For starters, this dank vape cartridge may promptly steady and cause sleepiness. Despite the fact that its high in THC content, this strain isn’t known to create a lot of tension or neurosis.

Medical users who are plagued by constant pain view Hardcore OG strain as a godsend as it numbs them from head to toe. Equally as effective for mental concerns, stress, anxiety, depression are all within its wheelhouse. Thus allowing users to finally stop the incessant circle of negative thoughts running through their minds. Those who have a hard time falling asleep or staying that way will love what this strain has to offer.


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